Anonymous - Calls Out Anonymous "Official" and AnonHQ

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  • Publicado em 2 de jul de 2016
#AnonIntel #AnonIntelGroup #RedCult #Anons4Justice #Anonymous4Justice #DeleteTheElite #OpDisinfo #OpShutDownAnonHQ #OpShutDownAnonOfficial #OpTHumP #HumanityParty #FakeAnons Anonymous does NOT have "official" and verified accounts, and does NOT play politics.Anonymous does NOT support Anonymous Official, AnonHQ, YourAnonNews, and The Humanity Party. (This video Is Courtesy Of @Anons4Justice.) Shared by AnonIntelGroup - Please Like Us: World, We are Anonymous.It has come to our attention that government agents are acting as Anonymous impostors, and that fake anon's are using the name of Anonymous to profit financially, spreading political propaganda, favor political parties, using the Anonymous name as their means for revenge attacks on individuals and to create false Anonymous operations.Anonymous wishes to bring awareness about this... Transcript for those wanting to translate it: more here: Why we have made this video ??AnonHQ are turning people away from Anonymous, profiting from the Anonymous name, using click bait to generate traffic and public support and supporting politicians.Below we can see the revenue they make: traffic and earningsPurchase/Sale Value: $452,520 USD➜ Daily Revenue: $1,240 USDMonthly Revenue: $37,734 USD➜ Yearly Revenue: $452,510 USDDaily Unique Visitors: 261,001Monthly Unique Visitors: 7,944,048Yearly Unique Visitors: 95,265,365, Anonymous is not supporting Bernie Sanders or anyone else More screen shots exposing AnonHQ: encourage all to unlike and UNfollow them all.We are Anonymous, we are legion,united as one,divided by zero,we do not forgive,we do not forget,to all fake and false Anons,Expect Us!

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