BEST OBS Screen Recording Settings! HD Screen Recording! (Tutorial)

  • By : Steven Van
  • Ajoutée le 13 mars 2016
Here are the BEST 1080 HD Recording Settings for OBS. (Open Broadcast Software) This tutorial will help you choose the best settings for audio and video; including, the microphone, playback (speaker), audio format, video format and video output! These settings will help you record your screen/monitor/gameplay with no lag at all at up to 60 FPS! If we hit 300 likes, I'll be making an OBS Live Streaming Tutorial!OBS: https://obsproject.comOBS Screen Recording Tutorial! WE HIT 500 LIKES!?Add me on Snapchat! (theStevenVan)Never miss an upload. paid doing what you love; making content.+ sponsorships, gameplay, graphics, music & more!sign up here → Films: Tech: Song→ Designer → Song → Down TRANSITION Tutorial!WATCH: how to record your screen record your screen obs open broadcast software obs settings best obs settings obs best settings settings best recording set...