Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

  • By : The Wise The Owl
  • Ajoutée le 3 oct. 2013
This is a new fun music video for the classic 1974 Carl Douglas song "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting"Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting is a music video compilation I did of various videos I shot with some of Shoalin Monks at the Shoalin Temple in China. I also added and shot some of the surrounding Wushu Schools in the area who do Martial Arts demonstrations.I do a basic chronology starting at the Top of Mount Song, Bodhidharma's cave then to the Shoalin Temple with praying monks and fighting monk demonstrations.I also had some fun with minor effects to turn one of the Shoalin Monk into the First Jedi doing a Lightsaber Kata in a ship in space. Kung Fu Matrial Arts UFC Mixed Martial Arts Star Wars Light Saber Lightsaber Weapons Shaolin Monks Meditation Fighting Kata Bruce Lee Jackie Cha...