FFRK ☆Overstrike Overload☆ Phase 1 x11 + 100 Gem Relic Draws

  • By : M Margolin
  • Published on Dec 26, 2016
50 mythril and 100 gem draws for the Phase 1 "Overstrike Overload" event banners, on Final Fantasy Record Keeper (global version on android).Results:100 Gem Draw: 3☆ crap.50 Mythril Draw: 2 5☆'s:1) Kain's [Abel's Lance] (FF4) Burst Soul Break, "Dragoon's Pride".2) Steiner's [Tin Armor] (FF9) Super Soul Break, "Sword Magic Firaga".Of course, I wasn't expecting the Overstrike weapon for Terra, but I intend on doing at least 1 draw in each phase as long as it doesn't make me cry from the mythril loss, which should reach near or over 300. These are the things I save mythril for, after all.. a majority of the 5☆'s I get -should- be new to me, especially the Bursts. ffrk overstrike overload phase x11 100 gem relic draw mythril Final Fantasy Record Keeper final fantasy record keeper overstrike overload reli...

FFRK JP Cloud USB + Orlandu BSB

  • By : Robced NC