Goat Simulator: Goat City Bay Secret Mutator Locations

  • By : Ultimate Origins
  • Publicado em 10 de dez de 2014
!!IMPORTANT BEFORE COMMENTING!!1. Sometimes mutators bug after updates making them impossible to unlock until a later update.2. Builder Goat and Uncle/Spider Goat DO NOT WORK ON CONSOLES!!!3. While mods are shown in the video, they were only used to obtain mutators built-in with the game. I have tested these on Xbox 360 and have 100% both goat simulator games on consoles.Shows all locations of the secret mutators in goat city bay!If I find any new mutators, I'll make new videos showing their locations.Ultimate Origins and GenesisRemixStudios have no intention of offending any person, place, or thing. GenesisRemixStudios Ultimate Origins Video Game (Industry) Goat Simulator

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