Goat Simulator Mutator Locations: Goat MMO Simulator

  • By : Ultimate Origins
  • Publicado em 20 de fev de 2015
Shows locations of the following mutators: Wheel Goat, Anti-Gravity Goat, Excaligoat. No mutators acquired by quests or leveling up.In case you were wondering why our channel name changed, it's because its name was originally supposed to be "Ultimate Origins". GenesisRemixStudios is now a channel which will contain trailers for upcoming videos on this channel. Link to GenesisRemixStudios channel will be provided (hopefully) soon.In other news, we will probably create another new channel specifically for bloopers and stuff. Unsure about that though.I'm also currently having issues with commenting. If you expect any replies from me, it'll be a while.More goat simulator mutator location videos coming soon.Goat Simulator let's plays possibly coming soon.Ultimate Origins has no intention of offending any person, place, or thing. GenesisRemixStudios Ultimate Origins Goat Simulator

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