How to lock chests and doors in Minecraft with Lockette Plugin

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  • Published on Oct 23, 2015
Ever wanted to lock your chest away from thieves? Or even lock your front door to keep people out? Check out this awesome plugin that adds a lock feature for all kinds of personal belongings! Try it today!GET 10% OFF YOUR OWN MINECRAFT SERVER: you purchase a server from ServerMiner, you can instantly install this plugin with a click of a button! No configuration needed!Plugin: Lockette V1.8.20 (Bukkit 1.8.8)Plugin Creator(s): Acru_Jovian, vk2gpz, ElgarL, LlmDlPlugin Download: Music: Pamgaea by Kevin MacLeod ( minecraft server hosting multicraft tutorial how to serverminer hawkaim enigmared hawkaimmc enigmaredgaming minecraft plugin minecraft 1.8 plugin...

how to lock a door and chest in minecraft.

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✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Door Lock

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