GTA CEO Business Guide: How to only get Top Range Vehicles

  • By : HoestOnline Gaming
  • Published on Jan 9, 2017
Top Range Vehicles Only for GTA Online Import/ExportLeave a tip to keep me going: here:'s a neat little 'trick' I discovered to only get top range vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online Import Export, when you go out to source one after the Import/Export update for GTA Online. This is no cheat, exploit or money glitch. Just using the game mechanics and logic to your benefit. I am 99% sure this works for everybody playing GTA 5 Online. In the video I show you in detail how I made this happen and a short description of my tactics is posted here.Donations are very much appreciated and keep this channel alive while improving the quality of my content. If you wish to make a donation please do it through PayPal using to following link: I did to only get Grand Theft Auto Online Import/Export top range vehicles to source is this. I completed all given collections as shown on your laptop inside the vehicle warehouse. There are 2 collections that only contain top range vehicles. Sell those and keep the rest, that's it. Rockstar Games will probably somehow take this out when they release a new update for GTA 5 Online sometime in the near future. So take advantage of this method while it still works. Again, this is not a money glitch and thus completely legit.Near the end of the video I and my friend TanglingManx57 show you how to get behind the gate of the Maze Bank Office Garage, be sure to check it out and try for yourself.Watch this video on how to get only top range vehicles for Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Import/Export, making a lot more money with the Grand Theft auto 5 Online Import/Export update. Become a Patron: is 100% Legit, this is not a money glitch!-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "GTA CEO Business Guide. Special Cargo Crates and Vehicle Cargo Trade" Grand Theft Auto V import export money glitch top range how to grand theft auto 5 gta 5 online vehicle warehouse gta v import/export warehouse glit...