Kung-Fu Fighting feat. Cee-Lo Green and Jack Black Lyrics

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  • Published on Nov 22, 2011
My lyrics for Kung Fu Fighting... literally the same video as before but with fixed lyrics. As always I claim no rights to this amazing song. Like the song? Download it for free by copy pasting the video url on www.mediaconvertor.org Enjoy.Lyrics:Chorus:Coz everybody is Kung Fu FightingYour mind becomes fast as lightningAlthough the future is a little bit frighteningIt's the book of your life that you're writingYou're a diamond in the roughA brilliant ball of clayYou could be a work of artIf you just go all the wayNow what would it take to breakI believe that you can bendNot only do you have to fightBut you have got to win(Chorus)OooooouuhhhYou are a naturalWhy is it so hard to seeMaybe it's just becauseYou keep on looking at meThe journey's a lonely oneSo much more than we knowBut sometimes you've got to goGo on and be your own hero(Chorus)(Repeat verse I)(Chorus) Lyrics Song New Green Screen New (C++) Day Guest Appearance Full Album Green Day Arts Special Very Karate Martial Jeff Funny Full Song Chr...

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