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  • Published on Apr 4, 2017
DRAMA: Master Devil Do Not Kiss MeSONG: Into You (Ariana Grande) Matt DeFreitas Piano Cover===================================This drama is like a mashup of all the popular high school dramas. I would describe it as Heirs plot with BOF scenes with male lead character (plus his mom) from playful kiss. Basically the love story of Jan Di & Baek Seung Jo lol Also, it kinda of reminds me of Devil Besides You. Despite it being a web-series, it's pretty good and quite addicting. I have to admit the first episodes was a bit weird but once she moves in with the guy family, it becomes pretty good. I love Qi Lu, he's so straight-forward and feel bad for him that every time he confesses his feelings either the girl thinks he's kidding or doesn't hear it lol Also, Chu Xia (female lead) isn't dumb or weak, she's pretty likable. Han Yu is such a sweetheart, definitely my fav. character besides the mom. Man Kui is annoying me to the core, she such a schemer...hoping Qi Lu clearly tells her that he has moved on. ENJOY!! :D chinese drama c-drama asian airing webseries 2017 recommended Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me 2 恶魔少爷别吻我 Master Devil Don't...

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