Path of Exile: Beginner's Guide to End-Game Maps

  • By : ZiggyD Gaming
  • Published on Sep 5, 2013
More PoE Beginner's Guides: of Exile's main end-game content is the deep and challenging 'Maps' system. End-game maps are items that drop from enemies that can be used to create a randomized instance with randomized enemies. These instances can be made more or less challenging through the crafting system, which also modifies the rewards you will receive. To progress through the different levels of maps you have to play increasingly difficult maps while spending currency items to make them as difficult and rewarding as possible. The PoE Maps Wiki: this video I break down the maps system for beginners to PoE's end-game: how it works, how to get started and how to progress.For more guides on how to effectively farm in PoE check here: more info on how you can support me in making more guides like this one check out this link → → → → Channel → Path of Exile PoE ZiggyD End Game Maps End-game Farming Guide Maps Guide Guide Tutorial Hints & Tips Grinding Gear Games Action RPG Video Game S...

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