Top 10 Best Action Movies on Netflix Right Now. Brutal.

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  • Publicado em 20 de set de 2015
For a full Netflix Guide check out our free Android App at montage of the Best 10 Action Movies Netflix has to offer. Expect far too many explosions, gun-wielding maniacs, a few slightly unrealistic car chases.. and a very small dog barking at Brad Pitt. Find the full list at: Featuring:- Shooter- Mission Impossible- World War Z- Skyfall- Fast and Furious 6- The Expendables- Mr and Mrs Smith- Sin City- Snitch- Kiss of the DragonAgree with the list? Let us know.Check out our channel at thanks to our video editor Georgios Logothetis - Stream Sidekick is a leading source of online video entertainment news. Find the best movies and TV to watch on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. action netflix Action Film (Film Genre) Brad Pitt (Celebrity) Movies (Composition)

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